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Istanbul Kebab and Fastfood

Sometimes when you come home late, know that you have to work and simply don’t have the time or energy to cook, it would be so easy to just pick up the phone, order what you want, and then have it delivered to your door.
Sunday was one of those days for us.

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La Piazza

We visited La Piazza on a Friday evening at 19:30, when we had our reservation. When we first came to the restaurant, we saw that there was a lot of people hanging around in the bar. We were greeted and got two menus in our hands. We were told our table would be ready in two minutes, so the staff asked us to wait at the bar.

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Dinner at 14 North

Once a week we try to go out for a meal. As 14 North earlier was closed during the winter holidays, we where delighted it had reopened this weekend.

We made reservations for Friday at 7 pm, and realised we got there just in time. It was gonna turn out we weren’t the only ones who had planned a dinner at that same restaurant.

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Dominos Pizza

Always an alternative when you want greasy fast food delivered to your door.

We made a big order when we moved apartments and had som help from friends with the move.
The best way to get some food after moving boxes all day!

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