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Tearooms at Ard Jekyll and MSPCA

If you are not interested in helping out with the animals at MSPCA as a volunteer, but still think it would be nice to have been here, I will take this opportunity to tell you about Ard Jekyll Tearooms.
Here you can get everything from the usual warm, lighter meals to tea with scones and a piece of cake.

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Coffee at Java Lounge

Many people don’t know that there is a café on the top floor of an old book store that has been closed down for a long time (update: that now has turned into a realtor office).

A steep staircase takes you up to a cosy coffee shop that has shelves with books that you can borrow or exchange with your own old books and they also have internet connection. For each drink you purchase, a 30 minute free WiFi connection is included.

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