Isle of Man Work Permits

Application of Work permit in the Isle of ManMany succumb to the charms of our beautiful island and, for those that wish to make it their home, there are a number of professional opportunities available. Applicants without Isle of Man Worker status need a work permit, however, to take up an occupation on the island excepting certain fields.

Isle of Man Worker status

You are entitled to Isle of Man Worker status if you were born in the Isle of Man; you have been resident for a minimum of 10 consecutive years; you have been resident for a minimum of 5 consecutive years and you haven’t lived elsewhere more than once in the 15 years following.

You are also eligible if you are the spouse or civil partner of an Isle of Man Worker or you were for the 3 years prior to separation or widowhood and have continued to live in the Isle of Man; you are the child of an Isle of Man Worker who was in the Armed Forces at the time of your birth; you are the spouse or civil partner of an Isle of Man Worker serving in the Armed Forces. Similarly, if your mother or father was born in the Isle of Man and resident for the 5 years following your birth or you are resident but have been in full time education, you qualify for Isle of Man Worker status.

People that do not require a work permit

There are certain fields of employment for which a worker (without Isle of Man Worker status) does not require a work permit. Exempted permanent positions are: The Isle of Man Constabulary, in the service of the Crown, diplomats, ministers, doctors, dentists, teachers, aircraft personnel, self-employed in culture, employed by a multinational and responsible for its island operations, volunteers, a new branch opening in the Isle of Man.

Given the seasonal nature of employment needs in the Isle of Man and certain economic factors particular to the island, work permits are likewise unnecessary for a host of temporary activities. There are exemptions covering all angles from general 3 and 10 day exemptions to those applicable to specific job descriptions; like those attached to legal proceedings occuring in the Isle of Man or to the TT races, for example.

Guide to Work Permits

For detailed information on eligibility for exemption please consult the ‘Guide to Work Permits‘ publication by the Department of Economic Development of the Isle of Man Government. The Department can, on application, grant exemptions to work permits on an ad hoc basis.

How to apply for a work permit

If ineligible you can apply for a work permit. The application must be made at least 14 days before your employment is due to start and it is an offence to work in the Isle of Man before the permit has been issued.

Except in the case of self-employment, the employer should submit all documents relevant to your application. The form is available online or at the Work Permit Committee offices (in the same building as the Job Centre) and there is a non-refundable fee of £50.00.

The Secretary to the Work Permit Committee
Nivison House
31 Prospect Hill
Isle of Man

Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 4.30pm

Helpline: 01624 682393.
If you wish to visit the offices in person, you should call beforehand for an appointment.

The decision should be made within 10 days and, if granted, the work permit will be valid for a specific job and a specified duration.

Why work permits in the Isle of Man

The system was implemented to ensure sufficient opportunities for residents. An application made where local skills cannot meet demand is more likely to succeed. This will be taken into account as well as your industry certifications, your family circumstances and any criminal convictions for example.

Work permit applications

Many variables are considered and a refusal today can be an acceptance tomorrow due to local demand and supply fluctuations. For the best chance of success, use the online ressources of the Department of Economic Development of the Isle of Man Government to ensure that your application reflects the potential you have to be a productive, valued and welcome member of our island community.

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