Manx Grand Prix

The Manx Grand Prix has just finished and there is already anticipation among the people of the Isle of Man for the 2013 event! The local people, who also go by the name Manx, gather to watch the popular sports races unfold on the beautiful island located on the Irish Sea. The Isle of Man sits between Great Britain and Ireland. The year 2013 marks the 90th Anniversary for the thrilling event.

Racing for amateurs

The mid-August annual event consists of a series of exciting motorcycle race events. Over a period of about two weeks, amateur riders compete in six four-lap races over a total course of 37.73 miles. The Isle of Man Mountain Course is famous around the world. No professionals can compete. Road closures occur around the 572 square kilometer island specifically for the spectacular event.

Manx GP races and classes

Separate races occur for different types of bikes. The races include the Motorsport Merchandise Junior / Lightweight Classic Manx Grand Prix and Okells 500 Classic / Formula Classic race. There are no sidecars and the event runs later in the year than the Isle Of Man TT Course.

Manx Grand Prix trophy winners

Spectators line the streets for classic moments along the circuit. In 2012, Kamil Holan won the Newcomers Race ‘A’ on a Yamaha 600 cc at an average speed of 106.683 miles per hour, earning him the Aitcheson Trophy. John Simpson won the 2012 A.B.Crookall Trophy for winning the Senior Manx Grand Prix with an average speed of 106.52 miles per hour on a Triumph 675 cc. These are just two examples of the great riders and deserving trophy winners!

Manx Grand Prix 2013

Event dates are already set for the 2013 Manx Grand Prix. The thrilling races will run August 17-30. The event is a highlight each year for Manx, the affectionate term for the people of the Isle of Man.