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On January 21, 2011
Last modified:August 4, 2012


14 North have some real nice flat bread, if you're tired of the traditional pizzas.

Once a week we try to go out for a meal. As 14 North earlier was closed during the winter holidays, we where delighted it had reopened this weekend.

We made reservations for Friday at 7 pm, and realised we got there just in time. It was gonna turn out we weren’t the only ones who had planned a dinner at that same restaurant.

One of the special starters for the evening was crab cakes so we ordered one to share just to take the opportunity to try it out. One of us liked the crab cakes more than the other but it was an appreciated filling starter. We continued with flatbreads, one with Greeba Farm mushrooms and Ricotta cheese, and the other with Chicken and Grilled Peppers. We finished our meal splitting a Crème Brule.

The food was as always very good, but a bit too much after the filling starter. We however took the leftovers home with us, because why waste good food.

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