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McDonald’s opening hours during Christmas and New Year

McDonalds Isle of Man Opening Hours over the Christmas periodMcDonalds in the Isle of Man have special opening hours during Christmas and New Year 2012. See the opening hours per below.

Christmas Eve

Open: 05:00
Close: 21:00

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The Abbey – Uneven service

We normally go to The Abbey Restaurant in Ballasalla because of the food they serve. But the staff service is getting more and more uneven?!

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Niarbyl Café under new management

As of the 7th of April this year, The Niarbyl Café has a new management.

The menu has changed and it has become a bit smaller than the old one. They serve Sunday Roast on sundays, wich is a carvery buffet with self service. The rest of the menu is very straight forward.

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Tearooms at Ard Jekyll and MSPCA

If you are not interested in helping out with the animals at MSPCA as a volunteer, but still think it would be nice to have been here, I will take this opportunity to tell you about Ard Jekyll Tearooms.
Here you can get everything from the usual warm, lighter meals to tea with scones and a piece of cake.

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Dinner at The Abbey

A great restaurant located at Rushen Abbey. If your starting point is Douglas, go towards the airport and Castletown. When you reach the roundabout in Ballasalla, turn right and then left. Soon after that you will have to make a right turn again towards Rushen Abbey. The road will lead you to the restaurant’s front side and parking.

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Glen Helen

Glen Helen is a hidden gem and can be a bit tricky to find if you haven’t been there before. The easiest way is to turn right at the traffic stop in St John’s, if you are coming from Douglas. You will go straight forward from there until Glen Helen suddenly appears on the right hand side. But be observant, it is placed in a bend so if you drive too fast, it may be easy to miss.

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This little French restaurant is located at the northern end of the Promenade, walk pass the Paramount, at the beginning of the hill towards Onchan on the left hand side. The restaurant does not look like much from the outside, but once you get inside the door, you encounter a small, picturesque dining room with a warm and welcoming staff.

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Dinner at Hop Garden

This place is located on the way from Douglas City to the Airport and has many times been passed by. Hop Garden is both a Restaurant and a Free House, serving good food in comfortable and cosy surroundings. Take the opportunity to sit outside when weather permits and do not miss the very cute ducks that tend to saunter across the yard, recently with six of their ducklings.

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Istanbul Kebab and Fastfood

Sometimes when you come home late, know that you have to work and simply don’t have the time or energy to cook, it would be so easy to just pick up the phone, order what you want, and then have it delivered to your door.
Sunday was one of those days for us.

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Jar Bar

JarBar is situated along the Promenade, very close to the Isle of Man Post Office.

We visited the JarBar a Friday night and although we were there pretty early, the bar was in full swing with music and we had the luxury to choose exactly where we wanted to sit.
The drink menu was filled with different and exciting cocktails and we decided to order a drink to each other. We ended up having a second drink, which we also ordered to each other, and we were pleased with both the drinks and the service.

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